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Reliable partner and customer & satisfaction No.1 A company specializing in machine vision. Nexber





History of Nexber


  • (FA Digital Camera, Germany) : Registered as a Korean partner


  • NeXfle BG, assigned as an official export voucher agency

  • Launched NeXfle BG as an international digital marketing agency

  • Registered official partnership of Neousys SEMIL seller & supporter

  • Launced Nexpang at smartstore webportal


  • Award Neousys-outstanding performance partner (3times)

  • Expand test equipment : Line scan stage

  • Allied Vision G1, G5 New series released

  • Participated in DX Korea 2022


  • Canada partner Emergent Vision Technologies-World's first 50 & 100GigE Camera release

  • Embedded GPU-IPC-AI-based supply field expand delivery

  • Emergent Vision Technologies - eCapture Pro SW Released

  • Kowa HC-VIS-SW Series Released


  • Venture company certificate obtained (Korea Technology Finance Coporation)

  • New Business Department Establishment (NT Business department)

  • We are awarded outstanding performance partner from Neousys

  • Development of test classification SW by Deep Learning Detection Technique

  • Electric car line washing equipment control design and sevice development-Korea Railroad Research Institute

  • Ezruler (Distance measuring equipment, DME) distributor agency agreement

  • Delivered Automatic Driving Mobility as a Sevice(Maas) pliot project to Seoul National Univ. and the Ministy of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

  • Embedded GPU-IPC Expansion of supply field (Automatic Vehicle, MaaS)


  • Sales over xx pcs of GPU-powerd Fanless PC

  • Developed a pantongragh current collector defect inspection moduled(KRRI)

  • Korea distrubution contract woth Emergent Vision Technologies (10GE camera, Canada)

  • Move to Company expanstion (Pyungcheon Acro Tower)

  • Nexber CI work

  • Korea distrubution contract with BOT3 (VSLAM module, USA)

  • Korea distrubution contract with LIPS (3D HW & Solutin, Taiwan)

  • Dissem & Nexber worksop (Yeongheungdo, Incheon)

  • The 3rd Nexber Partner day


  • Developed a furnaace monitoring system (KCC)

  • Nexber workshop

  • Participated Allied Vision partner meeting in Greece

  • Developed a foreign substance inspection module for 4" wafer patter

  • We are awarded outstanding perfotmance partner from Neousys

  • Developed a laminated film align inspection module ate Vietnam production line.

  • Company "D" & Quantities 11SET

  • Achieved a contract during 8 years about development of track inspection module.

  • Company "KRRI"

  • The 2nd Nexber Patrner day


  • Korea distribution contract woth Neousys

  • Participated in Automation world

  • Developed of aoutofocus control module by using non-contact 3D laser sensor

  • Extend korea distribution contract with Allied Vision

  • Gold award from Allied Vision partner meeting 「Best pratice of the year」

  • F&D center opend

  • The 1st Nexber partner day

  • Develop a recording system that is a toute inspection of railway bu usig low-light camera (KRRI)


  • Extend Korea distribution contract with Kowa

  • Participated in Automation world

  • Korea distribution contract with Mikrotron


  • Company founded