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Recruitment category Main task Eligibility to take the test Experience classification Personnel Recruitment period

Development department

Program development

  • - Python, Linux treatment for those who can use
  • - C++ LavCIEW Preferential treatment for those who can use

New employee and experience


Frequent recruitment

Technology sales department

  • - Component Product technology sales
  • - Finding new companies and managing existing customers

Working in the same industry
Preferential treatment for experienced people

New employee and Experience


New employee and experience


  • 01

    College degree or Higher

  • 02

    no reason for disqualification from credit information

  • 03

    Preferential treatment for those who are fluent in foreign languages

  • 04

    No reason to be disqualified from traveling abroad

  • 05

    completed or exempted from military

  • 06

    Preferential treatment for vehicle owners

How to register and documents to submit

How to Apply
  • How to register How to register or Use the website or e-mail
  • documents to submit Submission documents resume, self-introduction letter (career-oriented), portfolio (limited to those who can submit)


  • If the data submitted during the job application and recruitment process are inconsistent with the facts, it is the reason for cancellation of the job
  • not return any submission documents
  • Please fill out the application office and desired annual salary on your resume
  • Please contact the personnel manager (